About Us

The Pet Protector System by 1-800-HELP-4-PETS is run by a team of dedicated pet lovers with more than 20 years experience in pet safety and rescue. Who are we? Well, we're the kind of people who don't think you're nuts when you tell us that your dog is your favorite relative or that your cat is better than therapy. Why? Because we think a lot like you do.

Committed, determined and single-minded when it comes to your pet's safety, we've been called the "terriers of pet protection." We simply don't give up until the job is done. We've also been called the single best pet identification of any kind. That's an honor we work daily to deserve.

Helping pets is not just a job to us. It's a passion. And we believe in helping all pets, not just the lucky few who wind up in your home or ours. As a Shelter Partner of The Humane Society of the United States, we sponsor shelter programs throughout the country and donate 25% of the proceeds to help pets in need.

We know that being the best isn't good enough. It's staying the best that matters. If you think we can do something better, please let us know. Great ideas come from pet lovers like you.

The 1-800-HELP-4-PETS Team

Lita & Winchell
Two beloved rescues who won our heart
and inspired it all.

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