The Pet Protector System includes the following services:

24-Hour, Nationwide Lost & Found Hotline

Medical Treatment Authorization in Case Your Pet is Found Injured and You Can't be Located

Emergency Vet Referral if Your Regular Vet is Closed or You're Traveling

Travel Protection

Natural Disaster Assistance

Home Emergency Assistance

In addition to these life-saving services, The Pet Protector System also includes the following services for the convenience of our members:

Expert Referrals: If you need a pet sitter, a behaviorist, an attorney who specializes in pet cases or a pet-related expert of any kind

Listings of Pet Friendly Accommodations and Rentals: If you plan to travel with your pet or need to relocate

Adoption Advice: If you're looking for a particular breed or just the right mix to add to your family

Natural Disaster Preparedness Advice: So you're prepared... just in case

Travel Safety Tips: To be certain that the journey is a happy and safe one

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